Luc Delamare is a Los Angeles based Director of Photography whose initial passion for film developed as a self taught Visual Effects Compositor. Born in Silicon Valley, Luc Delamare grew up splitting his time between his hometown of Los Altos and Southern France.

After studying graphic design and film production at the Freestyle Academy of Communication and Arts Technology, Luc moved to Los Angeles to attend the School of Film and Television at Loyola Marymount University where his passion for cinematography grew.

Following his formal education, Luc has built an extensive portfolio that encompasses a diverse array of formats and genres, including feature film, documentary, web series, music videos, and now virtual production. Luc’s commercial DP work has featured personalities such as Olivia Munn, Alex Morgan and Canelo Alvarez.  As a VFX supervisor he has worked with various clients including Apple, NASA, Western Union, Vivo, and 20th Century Fox.

Outside of film, Luc is a self-proclaimed “closet-musician,” loves typography, and draws inspiration from his favorite painter, Rembrandt.



 ︎ Live Action

︎ Virtual Production


co-founder of CMC CAMERA ︎


Alexa Mini 4K UHD (PL & EF Mounts)
Tilta Cage / V-Mount Battery Plate
(7) 98wH HyperCore Batteries + Quad Charger
(4) 256gb CFast II Cards + Reader


Angenieux EZ1 30-90 T2 (S35)
Angenieux EZ2 15-40 T2 (S35)


Teradek LT 500 2:1
Arri WCU-4 / C-Force Plus / C-Force Mini
Tilta Nucleus F I Z / Grips


O'Connor 2065 150mm Tripod System
150mm HiHat
Tilta Spider Grips


Wooden Camera UMB-1 two-stage Mattebox
Tilta FF-T04 Follow Focus
Rota Pola
4x5 ND .3 .6 .9
4x5 Optical Flat
Beachtek DXA Alexa Pre-Amp
(Runs 3-Pin XLR line level into camera)


SmallHD 703 Bolt
SmallHD Cine7
SmallHD 702
Odyssey 7Q+
Wooden Camera Director’s Cage V2
17” Panasonic
17” TV Logic 173W